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Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Model: '91 GTO or Stealth or 3000GT

Engine: 3 litre DOHC 24valve V6 non-turbo

Power: near 200kW

Drive : 4wd 5speed cross drive box with slippery diff (hand rebuilt) fully synth lube.


K&N filter, chopped airbox to match, gutted cat, removed resonator & centre muffler
removed weight of : rear seats, spare, parcel trays, front mudgaurds

Oooh nice phat bum, vaguely familiar...
Now Mitsi has been making the 3000GT shape since, oh bout '89.
I once read a critique, which was negative, of the GTO
that said it looked like a japanese computer designers concept
of what a Ferrari might look like. Now I see these pictures
of a new Ferrari an I jus luvd them.