Aug 162012

If you are interested in CMMS software and maintenance management checkout our website Cloud CMMS. Which is all about cmms systems and asset reliability management.

After authoring a couple of complete CMMS software systems and extensively using and maintaining computerised maintenance management software in my trade. I noticed that with the growth of cloud computing the market of available cloud CMMS applications was getting quite busy. Yet very few maintenance management professionals even knew what the term cloud computing referred to let alone that there was now a very good array of computerized maintenance management systems available online. Cloud CMMS is hoping to answer these questions, review some software and keep the maintenance community updated in this exciting area.

Plus I now have full time work in asset management again. The position title is Asset Performance and Reliability Planner. Unlike a “scheduling planner” this position is all about long term strategy. Budget management and improving asset reliability while keeping costs in check through maintenance efficiency improvements. This will no doubt lead to further ideas and insights that I can share.

We also have some ideas for reliability and mean time between failure data collection. You see MTBF calculations need data from the components in an asset or machine. Finding and picking this data every time a calculation needs to be done is tedious. Many machines are built using common components and if we could collect the data for these in a community database and then perform the calculations we might have a valuable service.

LinkedIn seems to have become the stomping ground for many facilities manager types so we will be sure to start some promotion and activities there too ๐Ÿ™‚ I suddenly see the whole point behind this particular social media site after being made aware of the opening for my new position via a contact on the site. Thanks!

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