Dec 202011

Between Oracle and the various GNU/Linux distributions the damn Java ball has been dropped!
Really unprofessional from both sides, I don’t care for the technicalities, both sides screwed up and your users are suffering.

Basically along with Oracle’s security update 29 the terms that allow Linux distributions to distribute the Sun JRE and JDK have been removed. This required Debian/Ubuntu/Mint to remove the package as per this bug report.

So what the hell are our Java options for production servers?

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May 132011

All my systems have been upgraded to Squeeze for a couple of months now. Initial impression was that there are lots of nice new toys and the GNU tools and base Debian system feel even more solid than ever. However KDE is more flakey and slower than I have seen a GNU/Linux desktop in a while. There are also missing features in some KDE programs that were yet to be ported (to plasma I presume) at the time that Debian froze the KDE version.

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Apr 072011

Originally quoted from (but the page no longer exists)…because the rsync support for backupninja (or at least the Debian one) is a bit naff…or I just simply do not understand it. Very true if a little surprising since all the other backupninja handlers have always worked very well for me. Backupninja is wonderful for creating a backup system, run these shell commands, hotcopy those databases, rdiff-backup the result and rsync or duplicity all that somewhere else. Wonderful stuff now lets fix rsync.

P.S: if you do know how to make the supplied rsync handler work then please post a comment.

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Apr 222010

Concrete5 calls its self a CMS, but it looks more like a powerful website builder to me! It’s not in Debian Lenny but it is php and I’m dying to try it when I have a need to build or rebuild a web site. Also the team sound like folks after my own heart, commercial open source software done right, so check it out if you have a chance! I certainly will report back here when I do.