Jun 232010

Although I have been running servers from various connection for several years now there is something very exciting and special about my first commercial VPS.

My affair with running websites started when I got my first ADSL2+ connection. It just blew me away that I was able to run my *own* web server from home. The I started running my own services from home, I setup sitebar for my bookmarks since I was using many desktop machines and migrating my bookmarks had become a full time job!

Then I started software development proper and I already had server admin experience so it was natural to just setup my own website front page (straight html), version control (svn), ticket+wiki (trac) and blog (wordpress).

This of course led to the third problem, traffic. I no longer had that fabulous ADSL2+ connection. I had built a house in a new suburb. I was relegated to a wireless broadband connection ugh! So I was dreaming of those proper data centre servers! But my projects still did not have a steady cash flow that warranted an expensive VPS and I was researching and holding off.

Finally I found what I was looking for www.mammothvps.com.au, modern, scalable and instant sign up. This was the third month running we had shaped internet for the last few days of the month and we were over it. So I now have my first VPS and am busily transfering all my sites and services across to it. This is my first post from there.

With the Australian National Broadband Plan actually making some progress this week and the promise of 100Mbit/s fibre to home connections, I might someday run services from home again. But for now this is my shiny new toy ๐Ÿ™‚

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