Jul 202011

Just like ye sailors of old there comes a time when an entrepreneur finds that he has no wind in the sails.

We’ve done the hard yards and have the technology working.
We predicted this market would emerge yonks ago.
We had fevered dreams, nightly wracking and twisting of the brain to think through many facets and learn so much.

But now as the market emerges, just as anticipated, we find that we have no wind in the sails.
Does the wind simply not blow in our direction or is it the same for everyone?
We’re tired, worn out, the depression lurks in dark corners of our minds or perhaps we really are just tired?

a state of inactivity or stagnation, as in business or art: August is a time of doldrums for many enterprises.

Ah perhaps that is the problem it’s nearly August!

Or perhaps we are trying to reach outside of our creative arena.
A place where we are smart and powerful, a place where we know how to move our hands so that creations emerge.
To reach deep into the business world a place where our creativity seems insignificant and the rules are not clear to us.

Either way it’s the inevitable result when you apply pressure to turn all that investment into a buck.

Well I haven’t got all the answers yet.
In the mean time play some Yngwie Malmsteen to lift the spirit.
Resist the urge to dive deep back into your creative arena or surrender and lay on the sand.
Work on your project management and todo lists, plan to succeed in 3 things each day.
Have the confidence that these 3 things will reap rewards.
This is a game of long term endurance where many will drop away simply by the course of time.
This is not a game of doing all that you can, you will kill yourself thinking that way, this is a game of persistence.

Gavin Kromhout:

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