May 132011

For some time I’ve been looking for a document management system (DMS) to add to my tool kit. I have come across good reports of Alfresco a few times and thought I would give it a go.

Now it’s not my intention here to hurt any persons feelings so don’t take this personally…but I just have to vent! I went to download the Alfresco package and found that it was ~500MB. Now that seems a little on the large side and it must be packing a bunch of embedded things like Tomcat and Mysql which I already have on any Debian system. So I thought I would just grab a copy of the source and compile it quickly…I cut the download off at 1.5GB! May as well have just run:

wget *.jar

Holy crap, they must have included every Java library ever written on planet Earth and a few from just outside the Solar System! Ever heard of dependancy management or Ivy caching? Makes my 60MB war file look like a toy (which I can assure you it’s not). At this point I don’t care any more how functional the app is, I’m not going to use it. How is a man to be Agile (let alone Lean) with tools that over weight?

MyDMS may not have super cow powers but so far is the best that I can find, the Grails Stitches plugin looks promising if I can update it to a newer version of Grails. KnowledgeTree looks interesting and I’m pretty sure that I can build a basic Grails DMS that holds the document in a relational database. But I still have the nagging feeling that an IT problem this old should have been solved already…

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  One Response to “Alfresco aka Bloatware”

  1. True words!

    I was wondering how a sharepoint alternative could be even more bloatware than sharepoint.

    But those lazy butts just dont want to maintain packets for different architectures (debian, RH etc.)

    Well im gonna ditch it again since the only pro would have been sharepoint/office support wich doesnt work anyway, i dont like java anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

    Time for some good ole wiki i guess.


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