Mar 152012

So I follow Kevin of Body Evolution Australia and one of the guys jokingly sprouted the term “Macro Tech”. This was a play on the bro-science terms used by some supplement marketing and the truth being Calories and Macro Nutrients. The simple truth about how macros effect health and body composition then followed naturally to me so here are the top 10.

Top 10 Macro Tech Tips (TM BS)

  1. Avoid food avoidance.
  2. Any meal is negotiable.
  3. There are no magic pills.
  4. There are no magic foods.
  5. There are no magic exercises.
  6. There are no magic methods of doing any of the above, sorry.
  7. Macro nutrients count for body composition.
  8. Micro nutrients count for health.
  9. Exercise counts for health and body composition.
  10. Don’t be OCD obsessive, in all cases see rule 1.

The full breakdown of body composition determinants and many truths can be found on Kevin’s Body Evolution Report along with all the backing studies

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