Mar 032011

Care Factor is VERY under valued by most companies. The value of an employee to a business ranks something like this:
1. Care Factor
2. Emotional Maturity
3. Intellectual IQ

Without Care Factor a business will get the lowest value from any worker. The person will very likely be trying to cover arse and may expend so much energy in this pursuit that they actually have a negative value to the business.
High Care Factor translates into product quality, customer satisfaction, safety and productivity.

It may surprise one that Emotional Maturity has a higher value to a business than Intellectual IQ but the simple fact is that without maturity raw intelligence is often wasted.

The silly thing is that Care Factor is often the cheapest to acquire. While Intellectual IQ is often the most expensive to acquire and retain. Quite simply don’t piss your staff off, say: “Hi” and “Thanks”. Low cost gestures like getting something that is required in the work place will boost Care Factor even more. Job redundancies and taking job ownership away will badly damage Care Factor but it takes surprisingly little to lift it again.

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