Jan 172011

A real user review (instead of marketing hype). As a programmer I am a high performance desktop user and have found that having a gaming grade mouse and good keyboard really boosts my productivity and happiness.

I recently had need for a new mouse and since my keyboard was getting a bit shagged that needed replacement too. I searched high and low for a low profile sexy keyboard. Comfort to reduce RSI was high on my list.

The first keyboard that I purchased was the Enermax Acrylux Wireless

In short the Acrylux is an aesthetically beautiful and comfortable keyboard but don’t buy it! The wireless just doesn’t stand up, both myself and my wife can easily out-type the wireless transmision. I really wanted to like this keyboard but in the end had to pay a courier to return it for store credit.

I went on 3 weeks holiday and let my store credit simmer and eureka! Logitech does it again by designing and releasing an amazing product. The Logitech k750.

The k750 is absolutely fabulous, everything that the Acrylux wanted to be and more.

  • Ultra low profile and sexy looks.
  • Positive soft touch keys that feel great, great stroke, great position, great shape.
  • Fast, comfortable and easy typing.
  • Solar-powered, charges fine by my desk lighting, “look Ma, no battery replacement”.
  • Fully recycleable plastics.
  • Even the box is recycleable card with NO plastic wrapping.
  • 128-bit AES wireless encryption, no more open air passwords.
  • Works well with GNU/Linux, all basic features work out of the box.

The only thing I am missing is a caps lock indication (I tend to bump this button on most keyboards but have not so far on the k750). In an effort to save power there are only two leds that flash for a moment when the light source button is pressed. A green led to indicate sufficient light to charge and a red to indicate insufficient light to charge (so the battery might run down in about 4 months, should this condition persist for that long). For indication I am running a taskbar applet (keybled) with caps, num and scroll lock indication.

In short the k750 is a fantastic keyboard, go get one!

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  5 Responses to “Wireless keyboard review: Logitech k750 vs Enermax Acrylux”

  1. “Works well with GNU/Linux, all basic features work out of the box.” –>Thanks, i needs this info! LINUX AND SOLAR KEYBOARD, YEAH!!!

  2. Thanks for the info about Linux! Im sending my SteelSeries SteelKeys 7G back and buying this instead. I’m to used to my old Logitech Ultra-X Flat keyboard and I need a worthy replacement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice one Hund,

    I’m still loving my Logitech k750 although I recently had to replace the lamps above my desk to keep the lumens up high enough for it to charge, faded compact fluorescents, all good now.

    Looks like the SteelSeries SteelKeys 7G is mainly promoted as a durable high APM (Actions Per Minute) keyboard. Which might be fine if your a lead fingered, but for real speed (just as in Guitar work) you need a lighter touch and shorter low profile stroke which the Logitech k750 provides nicely.

  4. Just bought one of these keyboards too. This is my second day using it, and I have to say I really dig it! The tactile feel gives you an impression of using a normal full throw keyboard, sort of. I’m a very busy network/linux admin, read: VERY heavy with the command line. I’m just hoping the internal battery will keep up with me on some of my long dark shifts.

  5. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for adding your feedback. So long as the green charging led lights when pressing the test button then the keyboard batteries will easily last. If you are getting the red led then mine lasts about a month from a full charge. I then put it near a window for a day or two or add a desk lamp to your desk since your working environment is likely too dark for you own good anyway. I also have found that a downlight (GU10 4W LED lamp) that happens to be above my desk charges the k750 keyboard really well.

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