Dec 092010

My original goal here was to create a pancake batter but the mixture turned out better cooked in our waffle maker.


2 Tbsp x Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) [90% protein]
2 Tbsp x Buckwheat flour [18% protein (all essential amino acids), 75% carbohydrate]
2 Tbsp x Almond Flour [20% protein, 20% carbohydrate, 12% fibre, 48% plant fats]
4 tsp x Inulin Fibre [88% sol. fibre]
3 Lge x Whole egg.
1 Pinch of salt (optional)


Mix all dry ingredients well.
Add egg and combine.
A non-stick surface (waffle maker) or baking wax paper (oven tray, 200`C) is a must, do not grease or oil.
This recipe will just soak up any oil and stick when trying to use a steel base pan.
Cook very quickly on the hot side, I turn my waffle maker to max.

Serves 2

These protein waffles are very filling and satisfying.
This small mixture makes breakfast for 2 if you add a couple of scrambled eggs or other topping.
Don’t feel bad about adding a little maple syrup or topping as you won’t be consuming much due to the filling nature.
They are also great the next day or later out of the fridge.
Do be aware that these are not a ‘free’ meal due to the high plant fat content of the almond flour which is high in omega3 etc.

Good with:

  • Golden syrup.
  • Eggs and bacon.
  • Yoghurt and maple syrup!
  • Butter and marmite.
  • Peanut butter spread and a glass of ice water.


The Inulin and Buckwheat fibres are a great combination. If you are looking for extra fibre in your high protein diet then this batter is great! Remember to drink plenty of water as with all high fibre and protein diets. Your primary source of fibre should still be vegetables and fruit.


Is commonly available as 100% Inulin in Metamucil’s Fibresure product and also adds a slight sweetness. Naturally occurs in vegetables and chickory root. In this waffle mixture it also replaces cornflour.

Inulin is a 100% natural prebiotic. A prebiotic is an indigestible carbohydrate that improves your digestive health by increasing the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.


Is actually not a grass or wheat at all but a plant seed.
This flour has a great bran fibre content and protein profile.

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